Carbidetek is a tungsten carbide supplier and manufacture based in Southern California. Our focus is to provide high quality and performance tungsten carbide rods blanks in various cobalt contents for various applications.

We pride ourselves on our ability to work within our clients’ production schedules. We also have in-house processing capacity to provide quick turnaround and expedited delivery when needed.

Carbidetek can supply tungsten carbide powder, rods, tools for mining construction and wood working, nut forming dies and bolt header nibs, saw blades, saw tips, EDM plates, strips, and miscellaneous tungsten carbide products. We also have rods available as blanks or h6 precision ground with chamfer-on-one-end. Our tungsten carbide rods are manufactured as standards with one or two holes straight or twisted to a 30 degree helix, or solid rods.

We serve the following industries:

  • Cutting Tool Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Polymer Extrusion
  • Gear Cutting
  • Dies / Punches
  • Blades
  • Wear Parts