Diamond Wheels

Diamond & CBN Wheels

Range of Available Sizes:
Maximum diameter: 200mm
Minimum wheel thickness: 0.1mmFeatures:
Tolerance of thickness: ±0.02mm
(part of products ±0.005mm)
Tolerance of wheel structure: ±0.02mmWe can adjust bonding methods and abrasives according to your manufacturing conditions and requirements.
Diamond/CBN wheels for grinding PCB micro drill and milling blades

We provide a complete manufacturing process, including cutting, cylindrical grinding, step grinding, flute grinding, and relief grinding, and have ample experience to apply towards creating the most suitable abrasives and bonding methods according to the user’s machines and operating conditions.

Diamond/CBN wheels for CNC tool grinding

The superior wear resistance of the grinding material comes from the resin and metal bonding, giving this product outstanding cutting power and shape retention capabilities. Our company selects the proper bonding method based on our customer’s demands (i.e. work piece material and machine conditions).

Our grinding wheels are ideal for materials such as solid carbide and different kinds of high speed steels (end mills, ball end mills, roughing end mills, and others, reamers, drills, etc.). We provide a complete solution for the entire manufacturing process, including flute, relief grinding, and gash.

Electroplated Diamond & CBN tools

Electroplated Diamond/CBN Wheels
Diamond Files
Diamond & CBN Mounted Points
Diamond & CBN Mounted Contour Tools

Vitrified bond Diamond wheels for PCD/PCBN grinding

Range of Available Sizes:
Diameter: 25~ 600mm
T: 5~ 100mm
Diamond section depth: 5~ 20mm

Combined with the newest technology to develop and produce vitrified wheels. The advantages of these wheels are that they are capable of machining different kinds of hard-grinding materials due to their high-sharpness and good wear-resistance.

Diamond/CBN wheels for surface grinding

Range of Available Sizes:
Diameter: 30mm to 650mm
Diamond section depth: 2mm to 20mm
Thickness: 3mm to 50mm
Grit size from #60 to #3000

Ideal for materials such as tungsten carbide, modeling steel (SKD11, and SKD61), high speed steel (HSS), ceramics (high purity of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide), quartz, and other similar materials. Additionally, we have the best abrasion and bonding methods for roughing grinding (#60~ #200), finishing grinding (#230~ #600), and polishing (over #800), we have the best abrasive and bonding methods.

Diamond/CBN wheels for external cylindrical grinding

Range of Available Sizes:
Maximum diameter: 650mm
Diamond section depth: 3mm to 20mm
Maximum thickness: 50mm
Grit size: #60 to #3000

We target user’s demands by immediately providing suitable abrasives, bonding methods and suggestions. Also, we ensure that the cutting face and wear resistance of the grinding wheel is in the best condition by precisely recording the user’s sing condition.

Diamond/ CBN stone
Diamond/CBN wheels for centerless grinding

Range of Available Sizes:
Diameter:150 to 500mm
Diamond section depth: 1.5mm to 20mm
Thickness: 50 to 200mm
Grit size: #60 to #3000

Ideal for grinding tungsten carbide, ceramics (high purity of aluminum oxide, and silicon carbide), quartz, and so on. From roughing super hard material to polish (under Ra0.1), we can supply all the abrasives and recommendations for bonding methods for the user.

Diamond grinding wheels for TFT/LCD glass

Range of Available Sizes:
Diameter: 2~350mm
Grit size: #40~#3000

These grinding wheels are suitable for glass chamfering, rough and fine grinding, and specialized binding operations. The grinding wheel base is manufactured with an aluminum copper mix or a pure aluminum base according to customers’ needs.

Diamond wheels for back grinding of wafers

Available size range:
Diameter: 50~600mm
Grit size: #60~#3000

Profile grinding for Diamond/CBN wheels

Range of Available Sizes:
Diameter: 30mm to 150mm
Model 14A1 and 3A1 minimum thickness: 0.18mm
Model 4B9: minimum angle 5°
Model 4K1 and 14K1: minimum angle 8°

Metal bond Diamond/CBN wheels

Using vacuum and thermal pressure to sinter and model the diamond and CBN wheels during the metal bonding process ensures stable and reliable quality.

Metal bond diamond drill pipes

Range of Available Sizes:
Diameter: 1~ 50mm
Minimum wall thickness: 0.2mm

An ideal diamond tool for manufacturing ceramic, quartz, hard and breakable material, and other materials.

Diamond powder

Range of Available Sizes:

· 0~0.25

· 0~0.5

· 0~1

· 0.5~1

· 0.75~1.5

· 1~2

· 1~3

· 1~4

· 3~6

· 4~8

· 6~12

· 8~16

· 10~12

· 15~25

· 15~30

· 20~30

· 25~35

· 30~40

· 30~60

· 40~60

· 40~80

Diamond dressing/polycrystalline Diamond/CBN tools
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