Redi Bur Blanks Carbide Shanks

Redi Bur Blanks Carbide Shanks
We produce DIN and inch standards of tungsten carbide rotary bur blanks for fabrication of finished rotary burs. They can be used for depth cutting on different materials.  Redi burs blanks come complete with carbide bur head brazed with carbide shanks ready for tool finishing. Total Indicated Roundout (TIR) is controlled under 0.0004”

Bur Head Blanks Brazed with Carbide Shanks (Redi Bur Blanks)
Tungsten carbide rotary bur blanks and Redi Bur Blanks available in:

  • Inch styles – BSA, BSC, BSD, BSE, BSF, BSG, BSH, BSM and BSL
  • Metric styles – ZYA, WRD, KUD, TRE, RBF SPG and KSJ
  • BSA 3.175*15.24*2.325*22.86mm
    BSA 3.175*6.35*2.325*19.05mm
    BSA 5.4*12.7*2.325*25.4mm
    BSA 5.9*12.7*2.325*25.4mm
    BSA 6.4*12.7*2.325*25.4mm
    BSA 6.7*12.7*2.325*25.4mm